Our portfolio

At SBAM Consulting, we take pride in our partnerships and collaborations with a diverse array of clients/partners across the globe. Our commitment to delivering exceptional services has enabled us to work with esteemed organizations and entities. Here are some of our valued clients/partners:

  • ITI Capital (United Kingdom)
  • Palermo Football Club (Italy)
  • Ministry of Health (Italy)
  • Cosumar (Morocco)
  • Altima Agri Africa (South Africa)
  • THABANG Development (South Africa)
  • KYS Group (Senegal)
  • Diaspora TV (Switzerland)
  • ETC Export Trading Cooperation (Italy)
  • OSR Middle East (UAE)
  • Biancaffe (Italy)
  • Acqua Dolomia (Italy)
  • Web Overseas (India)
  • Sunheri International (UAE)
  • Hermes Bank (Sainte-Lucie)
  • Trans-Oil Group (Moldova)
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